You Wanna Laugh, or What?

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Oh baby no baby No baby no I don't wanna smile If you're not smiling with me. Oh baby oh baby No baby no I don't wanna smile If you're not smiling with me [Keisha] If there's ever a moment When you're not there To share in these moments with me It will be such a sad song It would all just be over [Pam] The stars wouldn't shine as bright if you walked away And don't you know that There'll be no reason to wake up everyday oh This world won't mean a thing to me, oh Chorus I don't wanna smile If you're not smiling with me I don't wanna laugh If you're not there to share the laughter with me I don't wanna live Without you, what kinda life would that be?

Oh baby no baby No baby no I don't wanna smile If you're not smiling with me [Keisha] You're not smiling with me You're not smiling with me [Pam] If you're not smiling with me.


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Growing up in Brooklyn, telling jokes was like a pastime. They are a way to break the ice with a new acutance, liven up a party, or just have fun hanging out with. Ya Wanna Laugh? is a collection of true stories that span my life. They are from letters that I kept as a diary to preserve humorous incidents for personal and.

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I Only Wanna Laugh

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That's not the issue.

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As I was saying before getting off on a tangent, we should be aware of how our own actions are influenced by things like our social circles, confirmation bias, extreme thinking, etc. We can easily recognize how these factors negatively impact people in, say, incel communities, neo-Nazis, or even ML groups. We ought to recognize it in our own groups as well and really try to interrogate our evidence and motivations when we think a particular situation calls for more aggressive direct action.

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Blowing up an ATM is not going to win a lot of sympathy. Taking over a plant that is being shutdown does. Assassination attempts as Berkman's rarely yield positive results. Setting up relief and aid for the needy does. LOL, "far centre". I love that idea, thanks. They're centrist extremists. Then they came for the payday lenders, and because I had unjust debts, I helped. Then they came for the landlords, and because I had a landlord, I helped. Then they came for the oil companies, and because I live in a dying world controlled by oil companies, I helped.

Then they came for Wall Street, and because I was working-class, I helped.

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