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We are around the Horn, lads. This is a far cry from over. We know how this team is going to stroll into the Etihad. From then on, our greatest challenge will be avoiding injuries and madness. Liverpool host Huddersfield on the 27th of April, or the 36th matchday of the season with two more matches against Newcastle away and Wolves at Anfield, the latter coming on the 12th of May.

City should not be seriously tested after Spurs on the 20th of April.

So much history packed into that week of April. So many memories and emotions of games gone past. Juventus in City in This is to say nothing of Hillsborough and the emotion that comes with it.

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Leicester City earlier in the spring could be, like Wolves, a much trickier match. But both games are at home and if the stars align, the matter could be put to bed by the time we welcome the Wanderers on the final day. There was old Micky Coote who played hard on his flute When the ladies lined up for a set He was tootling with a skill for each quadrill Though the dancers were fluttered and fet With his smart witty talk he was cock of the walk And he rolled them under and over When he took up with his stance they knew at a glance That he sailed on the Irish Rover.

Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay. Chorus Low lie the Fields of Athenry Where once we watched the small free birds fly. I Heard a siren from the docks Saw a train set the night on fire I Smelled the spring on the smoky wind Dirty old town Dirty old town.

Craggie hill. by Cara Dillon

Our love was on the wing we had dreams and songs to sing. It's so lonely 'round the fields of Athenry By a lonely prison wall. I heard a young man calling. Buy We had Dreams and Songs to Sing: Read Kindle Store Reviews - Amazon. com.

Well, I was out strolling one evening Not meaning to go very far When I met with a pretty young damsel Who was selling her trade in the bar. When I watched, she took from a customer And slipped it right into my hand Then the Watch came and put me in prison Bad luck to the black velvet band. I saw the danger and I passed Along the enchanted way.

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On Grafton Street in November, we Tripped lightly along the ledge Of a deep ravine where can be seen The worth of passion play. And her words and tint without stint I gave her poems to say With her own name there and her own dark hair Like clouds over fields of May. On a quiet street where old ghosts meet I see her walking now, And away from me so hurriedly My reason must allow. Ah the heart of the rowl is Dicey Riley. We were halfway there when the rain came down On the day I-ay-I-ay And she took me up to her flat downtown On a fine soft day I-ay.

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So when I woke up I was all alone With a broken heart and a ticket home And I ask you friend, what would you do? If her hair was black and her eyes were blue. Tomorrow I will be loosened from bonds that hold me fast That the chains all hung around me will fall away at last And on that fine and fateful day I will take thee in my hands I will ride on the train I will be the fisherman With light in my head you in my arms.

Alive, alive oh! She died of a fever, And no one could save her, And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone. Like never before; like never before.

They sweated blood and they washed down mud with pints and quarts of beer. Oh, the summertime is coming And the trees are sweetly blooming And the wild mountain thyme Grows around the blooming heather Will ye go lassie, go?

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Red river rock is one of the earliest songs I can remember. I ask because the very first record I ever owned was hail to the kop you know we love you a lot. On the b side was we are Liverpool. I owned it in I think. So, was we are Liverpool a song that was sung on the kop or just a recording by someone that later re-emerged. Every time we played Ipswich…. Spot on Moo, lad.

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We all liked that lass flashing her sussies and garters on Tiswas as well. Must have been an oversight. Tommy, Tommy Docherty! Always liked the Doc mind, he always praised Shanks and loved the Kop…. Yes it was Grimsby. Personally I liked the songs from 70s and 80s.

The Fields of Athenry - soulstithetpepick.ml

Brian Hall he shot he scored and all the Kop has roared. Boozing the away pubs pre-match late 90s with a Toon Army mate er,soldier? Probably could hear the crowd laughing on MOTD. Could never understand why we didnt start a chant about Dirk when scoring a hat trick against Utd. How great would it have been to have had the tune to their chant about diego.

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Every time utd came to Anfield we would have something to sing back.. Also why didnt we make up something about knocking Utd out of Europe. If we draw them later in the Champs league and knock them out again it would be too good an opportunity wouldnt it!! Mike, you lost the plot there…. It was a myth that Liverpool were the Proddy club….

A bit like the theatre, when it starts everyone hushes and observes or films the bloody thing. I will always love football and Liverpool F. Celtic was my chant back in those lovely atmospheric times. Like the team, unfortunately we are creatively bang average and as even more billions of pounds continue to disassociate the fans from the players in their wealthy bubbles, we will just meander along like the ordinary clubs fans , who we wanted to be different from.

The fun has gone from the matchday experience for good, Imo. Stop the ride..

indefrighjarta.cf Amen, bro, Amen. FSG and the previous Chuckle Brothers have just speeded up the process of making this once unique club into a clinical, corporate cash cow…. Bootsie — the 60s and 70s as a regular matchgoer is a bit before my time. Aways for me started in about 83 when I was I was bemused that my Gerard Houllier chant to all you need is love never took off. It even starts with the Marseillaise! Yep the Cilla song was Anyone who had a heart. Even the Libpool Bootwalk gets an airing! Like fucking hell! The Kop was always on the very edge of current affairs.

Peter Shilton was once caught with his pants round his ankles and tried to drive off before the husband caught him and crashed into a lamppost.

It was always topical. But it was in the days when ordinary blokes just queued up to get into the match.

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Enjoyable and informative article enhanced particularly by Bootsie.