The Federal Courts: Historic Supreme Court Decisions (LandMark Case Law)

8 of the Most Controversial and Famous Supreme Court Cases
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But in the ensuing years, the Supreme Court was slow to decide how the new and old rights guaranteed under the federal constitution applied to the states. In the early Supreme Court decisions about the 14 th Amendment, the Court often ruled in favor of limiting the incorporation of these rights on a state and local level. But starting in the s, the Court embraced the application of due process and equal protection, despite state laws that conflicted with the 14th Amendment.

Here is a look at 10 famous Court decisions that show the progression of the 14th Amendment from Reconstruction to the era of affirmative action.

Religious Liberty: Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Justice Samuel Miller dismissed the butchers' claims regarding due process and involuntary servitude. The privileges and immunities of U. Plessy v. Plessy argued that the Louisiana statute violated the 13th and 14th Amendments by treating black Americans inferior to whites.

Plessy lost in every court in Louisiana before appealing to the Supreme Court in In a decision, the Court held that as long as the facilities were equal, their separation satisfied the 14th Amendment. Justice John Marshall Harlan authored the lone dissent.

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Participate in interactive landmark Supreme Court cases that have shaped history and have an impact on law-abiding citizens today. Bethel School District #​43 v. Importance: The McCulloch decision established two important principles for constitutional law that continue today: implied powers and federal supremacy.

Passionately he clarified that the Constitution was color-blind, railing the majority for an opinion which he believed would match Dred Scott in infamy. Lochner v. Gitlow v.

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A socialist named Benjamin Gitlow printed an article advocating the forceful overthrow of the government and was arrested under New York state law. Gitlow argued that the First Amendment guaranteed freedom of speech and the press. Brown v. Board of Education.

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Mapp v. When police asked to search her home, Mapp refused unless the police produced a warrant. The police used a piece of paper as a fake warrant and gained access to her home illegally.

After searching the house without finding the bombing suspect, police discovered sexually explicit materials and arrested Mapp under state law that prohibited the possession of obscene materials. Mapp was convicted of possessing obscene materials and faced up to seven years in prison before she appealed her case on the argument that she had a First Amendment right to possess the material.

Gideon v.

Supreme Court Landmarks

Gideon, a Florida resident, was charged in Florida state court for breaking and entering into a poolroom with the intent to commit a crime. Due to his poverty, Gideon asked the Florida court to appoint an attorney for him. The site aims to be a complete and authoritative source for all audio recorded in the Court since the installation of a recording system in October They provide good short summaries of cases and the question s presented in each, as well as information about the justices, and a virtual tour.

SCOTUSblog: This blog provides timely information on current cases before the Supreme Court including links to relevant editorial pieces and news on those cases.

This site has probably the most comprehensive coverage of the U. Supreme Court of any media outlet, including statistics about recent terms, featured interviews with academics and advocates, podcasts, and live blogging of decision days. The case files feature full summaries, decisions, and all briefs for cases since Supreme Court Center at FindLaw. Com: Users can search cases from the current docket by month or subject, read about the justices and landmark cases, and find case briefs and opinions.

The site also includes articles and reviews commenting on Supreme Court decisions.

Supreme Court related sites. LII also contains collections of federal law, state law, and laws from around the world. Jurist: The Legal Education Network: Jurist is an online legal education portal, providing legal news, legal research and scholarship, as well as information on law teaching. Research can be done by cases and by statutes. The site has biographies of justices as well. The site also contains links to articles relating to each of the Justices, interactive multimedia features, and a summary of the notable cases from the present term. Amicus briefs, decisions and the oral argument transcripts are available for the most recent term.