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Obviously not all men. Just a hell of a lot of them I'm talking about straight men, not homosexuals who obviously have a different orientation. Where do you think 'bros before hos' comes from?

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Where do you think the term 'pussy whipped' comes form? The ridiculing and social shaming of men who refuse to go to the strip club or who are against prostitution and porn? You don't have to watch pornography with other men to feel a sense of bonding with men over it. You don't have to watch gay porn to experience the homo-eroticism of male bonding.

Of course with everything there are exceptions, but culturally this is definitely a thing. You seem to be insisting that "male bonding" is homo-erotic. Perhaps you're speaking from your own personal experience? Nothing wrong with that. But you're not speaking for "a hell of a lot of" men. Your comments were actually somewhat intriguing until you blew it at the end with the "labeling" of what men are.

There is no such thing as a "superior" man who's just alpha and beta My husband has a cuckolding fantasy, and I will admit, I am very turned on by it. This is definitely something that we both want. My husband is a great man, definitely a beta in bed, and I would love to find a hot alpha while my husband watches.

Your and your husband's fantasies are unusually well-matched. Are you being honest? Usually the woman would be doing this for somewhat different reasons. As for your husband watching you, you're more talking about a threesome where all parties are fully aware and agreeing to the activity. What you're describing is more what many would describe as just one of many typical activities in a swinger event.

Cuckolding as a fantasy fetish usually means arranged "cheating", where the third party doesn't necessarily know the full picture and never meets the husband. You need to do a little more thinking and talking about this, especially with regard to how you find that "hot alpha" and what you tell him. No, our fantasies are not that unusual.

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In fact, more and more couples are enjoying this type of lifestyle today. I want to do this because I love sex and I have been with the same man for a decade now, and the opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure from another man is very sexy. Just as sexy is that my husband is turned on by it. What I am describing is NOT swinging. I am describing cuckolding.

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My husband is to remain faithful to me always that is what we BOTH want , but I get to experience hot, sexy men, preferably with a larger cock than my husband. Most cuckolding relationships involve the husband watching his wife get pleasured in ways that he can't provide because the husband is generally more submissive.

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Leon F. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. A Brain Network for Alcoholism? You're a Kid. Go Play! The College Payoff. Can Dogs Smell Time? Leon F Seltzer Ph. Fantasizing your wife having sex with another man—why is it such a turn-on? There was a term for this type of sex Submitted by Lon Spector on February 17, - pm. Inter or Intra racial cuckoldry Submitted by Peter c on October 12, - pm. I'm not sure this is the 1 Submitted by zopop on February 17, - pm.

This would explain why there Submitted by Gary g on February 18, - am. Submitted by Lori on March 2, - pm.

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Agree with lori Submitted by Arab Husband on July 5, - am. Anonymous wrote:. Married and educated Submitted by Kack on July 31, - pm. If there's any truth Submitted by JG on February 17, - pm. Men make porn that they know Submitted by Lyn on February 27, - am.

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After a few years, I got her to agree to at least indulge in some fantasy role-play , but that was as far as it had progressed. That could have been embarrassing but we got over it quick. From the loud conversation I am able to glean that their names are Myra, Ruby, and Gwen. I was both scared and aroused. So the day that she went to be with him, she had to work second shift at the casino as a poker dealer. My shapely princess dreamed about getting double penetrated. Easy Accidental Quickie Sex.

I don't think the men and Submitted by James on February 27, - am. I don't think the men and women making the porn are doing the complaining. Just this idiot. And women make porn that Submitted by Gary g on February 27, - am. Everything has it's target Submitted by James on February 27, - am.

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Everything has it's target audience. This is perfectly natural as Submitted by Anonymous on February 18, - am. The same goes for men. Submitted by NYGuy on February 18, - am. I have always enjoyed having girlfriends on the side. But we BOTH enjoy the girls. I also agree with an above comment: I see way more girl-on-girl than the gangbang stuff. Mental Health Submitted by Lori on March 2, - pm. Agreement Submitted by SW on September 28, - pm. Disagree Submitted by Hannah on December 10, - pm. Lori, Perhaps but if you ask me it "speaks" more to his need to see you with other men. Your reference to women as Submitted by Anonymous on February 18, - pm. That's because Submitted by fjkefjknf on February 18, - pm. Ironically, your comment Submitted by Jo on February 27, - am. Ironically, your comment lacks any substance or humanity whatsoever.