Swimming Laps in August: and Other Poems

The Swimmer: Manhattan Edition
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Five scrolls, seven lines a piece — not quite a mile but close. And what to call it? There it was. A sort of friendly flypaper, designed to draw people close so I could make them stop, and think: When did you feel most wild and free?

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In body; your mind? The next season, within days of kneeling to my scrolls, I was delighted to find pool-goers confiding their feelings about my work and their private experience of the water. What would I be if I was 12 laps instead, or Would I feel better or worse about myself? I was also entrusted with tales made of heavier elements. A woman came to the pool after finding my open invitation in the bookshop, but hesitated on the side, still dressed.

Did I want to know why? I nodded. But you are a different shape than before? I ask. Weigh more? She nods. Is serious, then brightens.

I nod. It is the most recognized and respected program worldwide. The public beach is located on Kipawa road. It is open throughout the summer. A volleyball court, picnic tables and solar shelters are also available. The G. Theberge school gymnasium is available to citizen Monday to Thursday from pm to pm, from beginning of September until the end of June for soccer, volleyball and badminton fans.

The recreation centre has a fitness room with a variety of fitness equipment, weights, stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical and more. The training room is strictly for the use of people 15 years or older. Rackets sports fans can play a match at the recreation Centre.

Squash is available, by reservation, during the opening hours of the recreation Centre. Balls and goggles are lent for free. Smaller text size Larger text size Print this page Share this page.

Candidates of all ages can practice this sport! It will be accessible when the sessions start at the end of August. The O'Splash is open all summer long! Aquatherapy Do you suffer from back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia?


Aquafitness Aquafitness consists of aquatic exercises to improve your fitness. SPA and Saunas Bienfaits du sauna et du SPA en bref : Promotes relaxation, eliminate fatigue and muscle pain; Improves blood circulation; Cleans your skin; Relieves stress and tension; Removes impurities from the body; Strengthens the immune system; Helps you sleep better; Soothes the mind.

View all public notices. See available jobs. View the calendar. Get the complete program. Discover the links. Subscribe to our newsletter. Dive and double and follow after, Snare in flowers, and kiss, and call, With lips that fade, and human laughter And faces individual, Well this side of Paradise!

There's little comfort in the wise. In your arms was still delight, Quiet as a street at night; And thoughts of you, I do remember, Were green leaves in a darkened chamber, Were dark clouds in a moonless sky. Love, in you, went passing by, Penetrative, remote, and rare, Like a bird in the wide air, And, as the bird, it left no trace In the heaven of your face. In your stupidity I found The sweet hush after a sweet sound.

All about you was the light That dims the greying end of night; Desire was the unrisen sun, Joy the day not yet begun, With tree whispering to tree, Without wind, quietly. Wisdom slept within your hair, And Long-Suffering was there, And, in the flowing of your dress, Undiscerning Tenderness. And when you thought, it seemed to me, Infinitely, and like a sea, About the slight world you had known Your vast unconsciousness was thrown.

Silence, in which all songs have died! Holy book, where hearts are still! And home at length under the hill! O mother quiet, breasts of peace, Where love itself would faint and cease! O infinite deep I never knew, I would come back, come back to you, Find you, as a pool unstirred, Kneel down by you, and never a word, Lay my head, and nothing said, In your hands, ungarlanded; And a long watch you would keep; And I should sleep, and I should sleep!

brawrealeafcoldmof.tk I have been so great a lover: filled my days So proudly with the splendour of Love's praise, The pain, the calm, and the astonishment, Desire illimitable, and still content, And all dear names men use, to cheat despair, For the perplexed and viewless streams that bear Our hearts at random down the dark of life. Now, ere the unthinking silence on that strife Steals down, I would cheat drowsy Death so far, My night shall be remembered for a star That outshone all the suns of all men's days. Shall I not crown them with immortal praise Whom I have loved, who have given me, dared with me High secrets, and in darkness knelt to see The inenarrable godhead of delight?

Love is a flame;—we have beaconed the world's night. A city:—and we have built it, these and I. An emperor:—we have taught the world to die.

Swimming Pool, Beach and Gymnasium

So, for their sakes I loved, ere I go hence, And the high cause of Love's magnificence, And to keep loyalties young, I'll write those names Golden for ever, eagles, crying flames, And set them as a banner, that men may know, To dare the generations, burn, and blow Out on the wind of Time, shining and streaming. And these shall pass, Whatever passes not, in the great hour, Nor all my passion, all my prayers, have power To hold them with me through the gate of Death.

They'll play deserter, turn with the traitor breath, Break the high bond we made, and sell Love's trust And sacramented covenant to the dust. O dear my loves, O faithless, once again This one last gift I give: that after men Shall know, and later lovers, far-removed, Praise you, "All these were lovely"; say, "He loved. Fish fly-replete, in depth of June, Dawdling away their wat'ry noon Ponder deep wisdom, dark or clear, Each secret fishy hope or fear.

Fish say, they have their Stream and Pond; But is there anything Beyond?

“Something else is happening” in Barbara Guest’s poems: the art of creating events

This life cannot be All, they swear, For how unpleasant, if it were! We darkly know, by Faith we cry, The future is not Wholly Dry. Mud unto mud! But somewhere, beyond Space and Time, Is wetter water, slimier slime! And there they trust there swimmeth One Who swam ere rivers were begun, Immense, of fishy form and mind, Squamous, omnipotent, and kind; And under that Almighty Fin, The littlest fish may enter in. And in that Heaven of all their wish, There shall be no more land, say fish.

When she sleeps, her soul, I know, Goes a wanderer on the air, Wings where I may never go, Leaves her lying, still and fair, Waiting, empty, laid aside, Like a dress upon a chair. This I know, and yet I know Doubts that will not be denied. For if the soul be not in place, What has laid trouble in her face?

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And, sits there nothing ware and wise Behind the curtains of her eyes, What is it, in the self's eclipse, Shadows, soft and passingly, About the corners of her lips, The smile that is essential she? And kissed her hair and laughed at her. Such a child was she; So new to love, so true to love, and she spoke so bitterly. But there's wisdom in women, of more than they have known, And thoughts go blowing through them, are wiser than their own, Or how should my dear one, being ignorant and young, Have cried on love so bitterly, with so true a tongue?

Dear fool, pity the fool who thought you clever! Most fair,—the blind has lost your face for ever! I knelt a long time, still; nor even wept. It was great wrong you did me; and for gain Of that poor moment's kindliness, and ease, And sleepy mother-comfort!

And love that's wakened so Takes all too long to lay asleep again. Today I have been happy. Poor straws! I have need to busy my heart with quietude. But they know, love grows colder, Grows false and dull, that was sweet lies at most. All this is love; and all love is but this.