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Spontaneous combustion looked at as cause of Oklahoma death
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Pockets may have already burned out under the hay surface.

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Always tie a rope around your waist and have a second person on the other end in a safe location to pull you out should the surface of the hay collapse into a fire pocket. Extreme caution should be taken when fighting a hay fire if hay has been treated with chemical preservatives.

What Is Spontaneous Human Combustion?

This gas is very deadly. Additives containing primarily propionic acid to not produce hydrogen cyanide during a fire. Many farmers sprinkle salt on hay as it is stored, in an effort to prevent hay fires. However, tests have shown that salt has no effect on controlling spontaneous combustion. Dry ice, liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas pumped into the hay will prevent combustion by eliminating the oxygen from the hay mass.

Spontaneous combustion is not an accident. By following good storage practices, not only will spontaneous combustion by avoided, but a higher quality of hay will be obtained.

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Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is a term for the concept of the combustion of a living (or recently deceased) human body without an apparent external. Spontaneous combustion or spontaneous ignition is a type of combustion which occurs by self-heating followed by thermal runaway and finally, autoignition.

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Creator, stars of new 'High School Musical' series discuss music, characters. Doctor sings Nat King Cole classic to soothe baby during blood tests. Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots. People found the burned body of an elderly man lying with his head near the furnace of his apartment. Coroners determined, though, that the furnace was not the source of the conflagration, nor was there any accelerant on the body, nor was there any evidence of foul play.

spontaneous human combustion

This Day In History. Lisa Wilcox. Even, as in this performance, when he is wildly over-the-top. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. Actually, only part of Dr. The rest of the house remained intact [source: Endeavour ]. The most recent reported case of apparent SHC occurred in the early afternoon of 17 September in Tottenham , north London, when a year-old pensioner , John Nolan from County Mayo in Ireland , appeared to spontaneously burst into flames while walking in the street.

This case was typical of spontaneous human combustion in that there were burn marks on the floor and ceiling directly below and above the body, but no other burn marks anywhere in the room. The first mention of spontaneous human combustion in the history books is Polonus Vorstius. Polonus was just a regular Italian knight in the late s who liked wine, women, and song. He consumed 'two ladles' of very strong wine one night, and it disagreed with him.

People say that he immediately vomited flame, and then burst into flames entirely. No one else seemed to have any problem with the wine, and people were baffled as to how this happened. They're still baffled now. Spontaneous human combustion has claimed the life at least one member of the nobility; Countess Cornelia Di Bandi. The Countess, who lived in the s, was found half way between her bed and her window one morning, with everything except her lower legs and three fingers burned. She had apparently calmly risen from her bed to open the window in the middle of the night, but combusted before she could reach the window.

In the room, two candles had been burned - or at least the tallow had been burned.

Spontaneous combustion

The wicks were left, completely unburned. Soot covered the room, including some bread on a plate that she had left on a table. Just as a indication of how strange the s were; the bread was taken from the plate and offered to a dog. The dog refused to eat it, making it the most sensible player in that incident.

Ginette Kazmierczak lived with her husband and son in France in the s. When her husband disappeared mysteriously, Ginette contacted the authorities to try to find them.

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They couldn't find anything. A few days later, while her son was out with some friends, a neighbor found Ginette's body, except for her legs, reduced to ash in an otherwise undisturbed apartment.

In , a passenger on a bus in England noticed blue flames in the window of an apartment building hallway. She thought it was a gas jet and called the fire brigade.