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Meanwhile, his lips kept busy, holding me prisoner with a persistent, intoxicating rhythm that sent waves of delicious heat through my body. I didn't know, and I couldn't have cared less! I was in a daze.

The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (Mike Maurro Edit)

I felt like Tantalus must have felt when he pinched Ambrosia from the table of the gods to see what the heavenly drink might taste like. I couldn't do or say anything, until finally, out of the steaming hot fog of my mind, slowly a thought appeared:. I wasn't sure. It seemed, technically, as though he was kissing me, but In drink-induced fantasies in which he and I temporarily lost our minds and forgot we hated each other's guts, maybe, but not in real life , for God's sake!

That was impossible! Well, judging by the way he's massaging your quail-pipe at the moment, it is very, very possible! Yes, you silly tart! So you had better do something about it, and right speedily! Of course! I had to!

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I was a thingummy, after all. With Mr Ambrose's lips devouring mine it seemed rather hard to remember I was a feminist, and I couldn't just let random men kiss me! No, I couldn't. No matter how nice it felt to have his hands exploring my My inner feminist screeched out in protest. Do something!

Sliding my arms up, I pushed against Mr Ambrose's chest.

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Nights Over Egypt (An Eye of the Storm Short) - Kindle edition by Elissa Gabrielle . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Through spoken word performances, two poets unveil their love for one another. By way of eclectic beats, captivating words and rhythmic sounds over.

It had no effect whatsoever. I pushed harder. Readily available in Cairo's markets, original paintings and manuscripts by famous artists can turn out to be very expensive. The original ones are made by using original inks and high quality papyrus paper, and even illuminated inks that glow in the dark.

They are however, a terrific investment - expect these paintings to last forever, just as the ancient manuscripts did. For smaller pockets, there are machine-stamped papyrus manuscripts and paintings, which are equally beautiful looking and lasting. The choice of works available on papyrus paper is vast, from from ancient Egyptian paintings and temple drawings and manuscripts, to modern art and Arabic typography.

You can even ask the artists-sellers to draw your own name in hieroglyphs on a papyrus piece. Available in light beige original color, and dark brown aged paper, all painting are made from thick papyrus paper which can be hung on walls with or without a frame. Your loved ones will definitely be impressed. Pottery and Ceramics. Since the ancient pre-dynastic period, Egyptian artisans have been creating high-quality pottery mainly for functional reasons like perfume bottles, wine vases, cups and dishes.

It is them who discovered the art of covering clay with enamel by using soapstone to resist high temperatures without cracking, keeping their designs' vivid colors lasting for thousands of years. Until today, Egypt is gifted with highly skilled potters, producing almost the same pottery shapes as their predecessors from the times of Pharaohs, used for utilitarian tasks in homes and outdoors decoration.


Hand-crafted and decorated bowls and jars, are made on a hand turned potter wheel and then burnt in huge fire furnaces kilns. Porous pottery are mainly used in Egypt to store and cool water, even in warm places. It is too easy to find Aswanian clay pottery porous all around the city, while glazed colored dishes are hard to spot.

Belly Dancing Costume. Ever wondered how belly dancers look so great and attractive? In this Middle Eastern art the outfit plays a huge role: vivid colors, twinkling beads and sparkling golden coins make most of the magic. Just a few moves and you are on. Belly-dancing started in Egypt with the Arab incursions, who settled in the south. The dance was called Baladi dance, where mostly full-body garments were used as the Arabs see it as inappropriate to uncover female body parts , tight, black or colored and decorated with coins, adorned with a waste-scarf as a belt.

Another known variant is Shaabi dance dancers being called Ghazeeya , where the costume is more vivid in colors and decorations, but is still a one-piece dress. During the last century, Sharqi dancing started to become popular, because of its more attractive, explicit moves. This new dance's boldness is also reflected in the fancy dress, divided in several pieces painted in fancy colors and adorned with many decorative accessories, like turbans or head scarves, hand scarves, waste belts with beads and coins.

You can see professional dancers in Al Haram street's night clubs to learn some new moves, or you can buy instructional DVDs to practice more advanced moves when at home. Purchasing such a costume is a must, especially when it is available in so many sizes and types. An outfit made of one piece would cost around 90 to L. Fanoos were used in Egypt before electricity was invented, especially in the decades during the Fatimid period when the Caliph issued a law forcing all shops and houses to hang a lantern in their front.

The said law also established that any woman who should go out at night, to be accompanied by a boy carrying a lantern. As this profession fades away, lanterns get really expensive sometimes depending on the size and materials used in addition to the details and decorations applied. Cheaper Chinese replicas are also available, usually made of plastic bodies with battery-powered bulbs. The Fanoos makes an impressive art piece, anyone would be happy to own. Find one at Khan El Khalili, with prices ranging from 35 pounds to pounds depending on the size and details.

Egyptian Musical Instruments. Drawings inside tombs show musicians playing various instruments like flutes, harps, lutes, and percussion instruments in many events and occasions, as well as prayers. Now, after centuries of evolution and Arab influence, Egyptians still use their own instruments almost in the same way, whether for the mystical Muslim Sufi Zekr ritual, or in modern pop music.

Now talking about the instruments themselves, let's start with the Nai, which is a light-weighted instrument producing faint, touching sad sounds. Keep in mind it is a true art to play this instrument, regarded by many as simply too difficult. If you want to try yourself, be daring!

The Egyptian Nais are made of special light-weight wood and are not expensive at all. The Duff or Darbuka is the easiest to play, as we all know the beat. A professional darbuka is usually quite heavy as it is made out of metal, while an amateur one is usually made of wood, being much lighter and cheaper. The Duff is also quite popular, the advantages being that it is easy to carry and play. However, it is the Oud that is considered the most famous Arabian string instrument, with its easy-to-recognize pear shaped back and five pairs of strings.

Ouds can be plain colored, or highly custom-decorated with conch shells and Arabic typography. Hand Blown Glass Works and Ornaments.

Nights Over Egypt (An Eye of the Storm Short)

As many different traditions and crafts were preserved by Egyptians since the ancient times, the glass-blowing craft makes no exception. An art with a very individual, authentic and exotic spirit - the process of making glass ornaments and perfume bottles would be nothing without the magic brought by the vivid colors and reflections.

Glass making was known in Egypt back in B. Hand-blown glass craft flourished with the Arabian conquest, glass being used in mirrors, dishes, bottles, lamps, and windows, all in brilliant colors obtained by using metal oxides. Must-have products are small, beautifully designed perfume and Kohl bottles, which come in thousand variations and sizes, thin and light-weighted, as well as large and heavy pieces.

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Be careful and request if not provided, an appropriate packaging as these delicate glass pieces, with their fine details and ornamentation are quite fragile. Also look for bottles with a steady, properly shaped base so the glass product doesn't lean when filled, a common issue with thin glass bottles. Prices for a small 10 ml bottle range from 10 to 20 L. The beauty ritual was believed to protect eyes from harsh light rays and curses by evil-eyes, as well as spring eye-allergies. Kohl is widely used until nowadays. Although there are cheap and easier replacements of the product, Egyptians still prefer using the original powder.

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Largely used is the famous Pakistani Kohl, made of sandalwood and other organic sources like charcoal. The Pakistani Kohl does not come in powder but in creamy state ready for application with pen. Available in perfumery stores easily found in the Al Alzhar area, both types are sold in small containers. A small 25 grams one would cost about 15 L.

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Ministry officials added that EgyptAir has also opened duty-free shops in both the arrival and departure halls ahead of today's launch. Egypt asks British govt for cooperation to prevent export from Britain of Egyptian artefacts sold by Christies'. NCAR said it would ask British government for more cooperation in preventing the export from Britain of Egyptian artefacts sold last week by Christies' before documentation of ownership is made available to Egypt.

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