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MEN OF HONOUR X - STARTER PACK: 10 Workshops to Aid in the Transition from Boy to Man.
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My Text is a kinde of Paradox, an harsh truth, and therefore I have laboured to clear this truth unto you. My designe is the same with the wisest of Kings, Eccles. Your conscience bids me proceed, and so I passe to that which it is high time for us all to come to, and that is a Use of. My Lords, It is my humble desire to be humbled before God, and to weep with the Sages of England, upon this happy day of solemn Humiliation. Do ye love God, do ye hate sin, do ye beleeve my Text; come then let us mingle tears; my Text, will supply you with store of weeping matter; and penitent tears, which flow from the hatred of sin, from the love of God, and faith in him, are NOBLE TEARS.

Oh my father Adam, your father Adam, was once a man in honour, because a man in innocency, but his blood was tainted by sin, nay, your blood and mine were tainted by that first sin in the Garden; it was my sin and yours, for in him we all sinned; it was the sin of his person, but it was the sin of our nature; do ye not feel the poyson of that sin, burning and boyling in your nature still? Oh it was a sinning sin, the cause of all the sin and mischief that ever was, or ever will be? And are you still proud of your birth, and blood, when you are thus polluted in your own blood with your birth sin?

Oh base ignoble birth, we are born slaves of sin, born like the heirs apparant of Hell, with the seeds of damnation in us. Can you still be proud of your Progenitours, when they derived a sin upon your high-born soul, which will sink it as low as Hell, unlesse ye are born again by the Spirit of Jesus. But your attention doth encourage me to go on, and therefore I hope you will be humbled to day, if not, my soul shall weep in secret for your pride.

That none for ought we finde in Scripture ever celebrated their birth-dayes, but Pharaoh, Jeroboam, and Herod. Consider, That great men are mortall. Abner who was Captain of the Guard, a kinde of Generall to three Princes, Saul, Is bosheth, and David, fell suddenly, unexpectedly: Some die in the strength of their perfection, with their breasts full of milk, and bones full of marrow, Job Consider, That great men have great advantages and opportunities, to serve God and his Church: They are even lifted up to Heaven by priviledges.

Men of Honor

Who can sound the depth of this bottomlesse Pit? Come then, and take an holy revenge upon your selves to day, be grieved in your hearts, and pierced in your reins, for all your ignoble practises against the God of Heaven, repent with a kinde of indignation, as David did, and cry out: Oh what a fool was I, what a beast was I to dishonour him, who is the fountain of Honour; Look upon your patern, Psal.

Thus my hears was grieved, and I was pricked in my reins. So foolish was I, and ignorant, I was a beast before thee.

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My greatest task by far, is yet behinde, and therefore I passe on to an Use of. My Lords, Honour is a tender fickle thing, it is hard to get it, and harder to keep it. If your Honour be any whit empaired, Ile shew you how to recover it; if you enjoy your Honour, Ile shew you how to preserve, nay, increase it; but if by an over-ruling providence, you must part with your worldly honour and there is no resisting of providence Ile shew you how you may gain a better honour, an immortall glorious Honour in the highest Heavens. If your Honour be empaired, Ile do my best to shew you how to recover your Honour.

I know I touch upon a jarring string; but consider, that wise men, and valiant men, men that have done great service to their Countrey, may quickly empair their honour in a jealous age. Neither be partaker of other mens sins, keep thy self pure. The best men alive have faults enough of their own, why should any man that thinks himself innocent, make himself guiltie by undertaking to answer for the sins of other men.

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Alan Any submissions through this form for anything other than its intended purpose are automatically deleted. The global marketplace for vintage and handmade items. A damned good tail of courage and determination. The same is for women that women stereotypically have female friends. We may have seen DeNiro spit nails countless times before, but his saltily intractable Master Chief is a terrific screen creation. Unfortunately though, De Niro is allowed to dominate proceeding with his laughable, panto-style curmudgeon.

Oh what a sad thing would it be, if our Nobles should be like Cupping-Glasses, which draw none but the malignant humours of the body to them. They must look to their Passions, when they come to plead their own cause, and vindicate themselves. Humble your selves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.

I speak this, especially to you my Lords; it is faithfull counsell given by the holy Spirit, 1 Pet.

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Saint Peter was well seen in Christian Politiques, you may write Probatum est under this remedy: Look upon the place, Do you not see a kinde of Majestie in this Direction: Down great spirits, down; let not your hearts rise and swell against Jehovah, the God of glory: Oh, but I am wronged, and I cannot bear it! Hath the God of Heaven done you any wrong; come down upon your knees then, and accept of your punishment, kisse the rod, or you are like to have the other lash, and God sees where you lay bare, Job Lay down all your Honour at the feet of Jesus Christ.

If you do not prize your honour more then your souls, why do you not trust him with your honour, whom you must trust with your souls? Come then, and cast your care upon God, be not too hasty: He that beleeveth maketh not haste, Isai. Waite Gods leisure, and God will in due time exalt you to such a degree of honour, as will make most for his glory, and yours. God will do it in due time, saith the Apostle; but remember that God is the Judge, and therfore that is the due time which he appoints.

Your time is in Gods hand, Psal. This, this is the way to recover all your honour. It will make exceedingly for your Honour to do most service, when you have least encouragement, because then it will appear, that you do service upon Noble principles, and do not intend to serve your selves. This is indeed the saddest objection; but I hope to return a satisfying answer. God hath an absolute Power and Soveraign Command over the greatest men in the World, and they owe Absolute subjection to the will, pleasure, providence of the God of Heaven: Come, acknowledge your subjection.

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Men of Honor is a drama film, starring Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr . The film was directed by George Tillman Jr. It is inspired by the true story of. Directed by George Tillman Jr.. With Cuba Gooding Jr., Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron, Aunjanue Ellis. The story of Carl Brashear, the first African-American.

God loves to shew his Prerogative, and make great ones know, that he is not beholding to them to do his work; he will let them see, that he can do his work without them. I hope I have quitted my first score, I proceed to answer. By your leave my Lords, if you desire to preserve your Honour, you must preserve the Fundamentals of Honour, and then let times alter as they will, you'l be sure to preserve all the Realitie of your Honour: He who hath learnt to preserve a just Order, and true Decorum in all things, which concern God, the Common-wealth, and himself, he will by Gods blessing preserve, nay, increase his Honour every day more and more.

That Honour which is maintained by vulgar breath, is, But like Lightning, it appears, and vanishes in an instant; But he who deserves, doth in the judgement of good and wisemen, preserve his Honour, though the people cease to do him Honour. Next to Piety, the Philosophers conceived that Prudence and Morall vertues were the sure Fundamentals of substantiall Honour.

Honour cannot be secured without knowledge and prudence; for the highest Tower is easily undermined if its foundation be hollow. He must be Temperate, else he cannot long be wise, for Intemperance will exhaust his spirits, weaken his parts, and drown his wisdom. We use to say, That Horse is not fit to lead the way who is given to starting. Certainly, that man that is not afraid of death and judgement, sin and Hell, is not valiant, but mad. He, saith Aristotle, who doth not fear what he ought to fear, is not valiant, but impudent: Fools make a mock at sin, Prov.

It is more blessed, and therefore more honourable, to give then to receive, Acts The Magnanimous man seems slow, but if you mark him, you'l finde him sure. My Lords, If Philosophy carry a man thus high, O let Religion, Christian Religion, advance you higher: What though men be peevish, and snappish in these angry times, Will you be sullen, and give up all? Can you forget the publike, your own oath, and Gods righteous cause: What if you should think your selves, as it were affronted, must the cause of God for that weak reason, be deserted?

It will much conduce to the preservation of your Honour, to unite with the Neighbour Citie, and with the wel-affected in every Countie: Do you not know how the Britons of old were overcome?

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Where rich and poor, noble and ignoble, are united in one body, with such proportionable priviledges and encouragements, that the poor, as well as the rich, and the ignoble, as well as the noble, may with all alacrity and cheerfulnesse, labour to advance the common good of the whole Societie there, and there onely is a Common-wealth; but few Common-weals have been reduced to that happy temper without a quarrell. Beleeve it, there is no reasonable means for the preservation of your Honour, but by shewing your valour against your enemies, and uniting with all that are true Friends to the common cause of Jesus Christ: By activitie against your enemies, and union with your friends, you may be so happy, that your enemies will envy you, and your friends rejoyce with you.

Come, come, my Lords, Honesty is the choicest policie. Come then, and shew your Wisdom, your Justice; shew your Zeal, your Valour, your Magnanimitie, your Pietie, for God and your Countrey: This, this is the way, to encrease your Honour with more ease, and preserve it with lesse envy. But, stay, stay, saith some much Honoured Silk-worm; If I should loose my life in the quarrell, what becomes of my honour then? Alasse, when I am gone, all the world is gone with me: Why then look after another world, and a better life; look after it in the first place, though I handle it in the last, and so I passe to my.

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Third Quere. I have in part answered this Quere already; for I have shewn you cleerly, That we must be justified, regenerated, converted, or else the greatest is not truely noble in our Spirituall and Christian account. My Lords, If you desire this new honour, you must lead new lives, and you'l never do that, till you have new natures, new-bearts by a new creation. Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holinesse. Oh that whilst I am directing, what ought to be done, our Lord Jesus would put to his Fiat, and say, Let it be done, it shall be done this very hour.

My Lords, Remember your selves, You are not now in your Robes, sitting in State, to passe sentence upon that Word, whereby you must be judged; But you, and I, and all here present, are holding up our hands at the bar. My Lords, What do you mean, Brethren, what do you mean, not onely to live in sin, but to die in sin, O it is a dangerous thing to live in sin, but it is a desperate thing to die in sin; for he that dies in his sins, perishes in his sins, and is damned eternally.

The God of Heaven, set that consideration home to your hearts; you must fall down upon your faces, and acknowledge, That God is in this Meditation of a trueth: The Lord Jesus did presse this point home in his powerfull preaching, you may read it thrice in one Chapter, John 8. It is one of the most fearfull threats in Scripture; for it doth indeed contain all threatnings in it. My Lords, Will nothing touch your hearts; yes, I beleeve your hearts have been touched to day, and touched to the quick.

Now then, my Lords, what say you now? Why sure you are come to this resolution, ye would not die in your sins, that were to die basely, to die dishonourably: Why then, my Lords, If you would not die in your sins, ye must not live in them; Oh but how shall we be saved from all our sins, our ignoble sins? Why though Joshuah be called Jesus, Heb. Oh now your hearts relent, and give a little: Now, now consider, how you have abused and undervalued; how you have crucified and tormented this Jesus, who alone can save you from your sins: How you have made a sport and pastime of those sins which let out the heart blood of Jesus Christ.

What, are your hearts like Nabals, dead within you? Or are you cast into a trembling fit; are you fainting, and even swowning under the weight of Gods wrath, and your sin: why now, now you are in this agony and bloody sweat, the Lord Jesus offers himself to be your Saviour upon fair and honourable terms, do you deliberate, whether you should be saved? When it comes to your DIY wedding ideas , he will have the stamina to push through the hours of making personalised table cards and thousands of pompoms.

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He will also come in total handy when three of your bridesmaids need help walking after the worlds best bridal shower. Being close to the groom has its other advantages too. When your husband to be is planning surprises for you during the lead up to the wedding and on the wedding day, your man of honour, who knows you better than you know yourself, can give him the best tips and advice to make sure he gets it right. This is so handy and you are more likely to listen to him than anyone else, after all, he is your BFF.

Maid of Honor: Can I Have a Man of Honor Instead?

During the wedding planning process there will be plenty of things that you want to keep a secret from your guests, like your wedding dress, the first dance song and other little surprises. Having a man on side gives you the perfect chamber of secrets. Sometimes you really just need someone to talk to and he can be your rock and a silent dependant while you offload all of your stress. When your breakdowns hit an all time wedding planning low, he will lighten the mood with funny gags and silly jokes. In theory you may not think this is what you need but trust us, laughing is the best therapy!

When it comes to getting the dream wedding body, working out is the best way to go about it and your man of honour will put your fitness to the test. Guys are usually better work-out partners as they are used to playing sports and sweating all day. You may hate it at the time but having your guy BFF put your running skills to the test and pushing you to your limits will all be for the better in the end.

I am not against a good formula for a book but this just felt ripped off from Cornwell's series but without the grit and daring. A good attempt but it failed for me. Aug 28, Sorrento rated it it was ok. I read it because my father thought it was a good book.

Well, to be honest as a fan of Bernard Cornwell and his Sharpe series this book was a huge disappointment. It did not come up to the level of Sharpe at all. The characters seemed flat and the description over all was not very detailed.

The Man Of Honour

In addition the author seemed to enjoy the description of pieces of brain and bones all over his characters because this formulation appeared the most in the book and I'm sorry but a good book is not mad I read it because my father thought it was a good book. In addition the author seemed to enjoy the description of pieces of brain and bones all over his characters because this formulation appeared the most in the book and I'm sorry but a good book is not made of the description of blood and bones and gore only.

Great book.