It Will All Make Sense When Youre Dead: Messages From Our Loved Ones in the Spirit World

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In the dimension of Spirit, where our loved ones are encompassed by eternity, time is simply not the same as on Earth.


When we are feeling desperate for spiritual comfort and it evades us, there may be, unfortunately, a reason. In my experience, there is never a point at which those whom we love in Spirit abandon us. But they will sometimes become a bit quieter in order to help us grow. If I am around to solve every issue, how will they ever become independent adults? There are points in our life where our desperation serves as a great motivation for us to change, learn and reach the next level in our healing.

If you are tired of being in the boat that is simply drifting, here are a few ways you can grab the oars and direct your ship to calmer waters. In other words, here are some resources! Reproduction in print is prohibited. Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium that provides validating afterlife connections to heal grief. Mollie Morning Star. Consumer Advocacy Bereaved Parents. Her Story Art. Are you frustrated and feeling alone because you haven't seen a sign from loved one in Spirit?

You are not alone! You are looking for something that is unreasonable. The most common form of communication are signs — feathers, birds, butterflies and flowers being the most common. Maybe a feather appears in an unusual place like indoors, even though no windows or doors are open and no feathers are in your upholstery. Spirit dreams or night visions are lucid and will feel different to usual dreams, often leaving you convinced it was a true experience. Get creative, you could even write a note before bed and see if you receive the answer in your dreams.

Sit with a pen and paper close to hand and ask a question to your loved ones quietly in your mind. Resisting the urge to over think what you are writing, pick up your pen and allow words of wisdom to flow from you onto the page. Meditation not only improves physical health and encourages mental wellbeing, it also expands awareness. As we learn to still the mind, brainwave patterns are altered and we may achieve heightened states of awareness.

Over time, we become sensitive and with heightened concentration, many people discover they are able to receive flashes of insight and contact from deceased relatives. Let them know you are happy for them to guide you and then let them work out how best they can do that. Watkins Books. By Claire Broad. Video Loading Video Unavailable. I feel that he is mad at me for sometimes not being nice and not as patience as I should of been.

I have tried talking to him to please show me a sign he is here and that I love him and always will. This helps me a lot. My husband died in August, and I still grieve for him and miss him. Thank you for this information Blair.

Tips on How to Communicate with Your Deceased Loved One. By Cherokee Billie‏

I absolutely believe our loved ones are with us but wondering what they experience in heaven. Do they have jobs they enjoy etc? I not only believe everything that you say because, I myself have been blessed to experience many signs from my deceased family. I am a believer and always keep my eyes and ears always on alert.

Many blessings and white light. Carol in Las Vegas, NV. Blair, thank you so much for the info…. I never ever would have expected to receive the info, and I was really happy to be able to read it.. God bless you.

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Thank you so much, Blair, I really needed to know this! I lost my sweet sister in July,, due to someone poisoning her. I know it had to be a painful death and this is something that has really bothered me. Hi Blair! Love all the positive things you give out to the world. They have really helped me get through the past few months since my husband passed away. Question: What do our loved ones do on the other side once they have passed away? Thanks again for all the love, light and encouragement. Thank you Blair! Your newsletter has really helped me learn so much about the afterlife and have a better understanding of it.

God Bless you! Thank you so very much for this Blair. When I lost my son, I received so many wonderful signs from him. It truly did make me realize that there is life after death.

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That love never dies! I want to thank you for all that you do. You bring so much hope and closure to all that need it. I am going to past this on to my Cousin.

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She lost her Mom recently and is feeling very lost. Love and Light! Thanks Blair. I have contact with some people that have crossed over. My Dad, Dan, in dreams and he has left messages in dreams to my oldest daughter to tell me he loves me. A mother of someone I know shows herself at times when I am with Tamara.

A gentlemen friend crossed over a year ago Halloween. I felt his presence and felt a physical kiss on my neck. Blair I was having some experiences before you, but since I have read your books, I have had a lot more experiences and my connection with them is different. I enjoyed them and you did a good job. There was one paragraph in the last book that was really confusing and I would have to go back and find it. In the first book, only.

I only want to help you. I only think your mind might get ahead of you.

Again, thank you for your help. This is so reassuring. I feel my son, I get signs, but it always helps to hear this again. They hear us, the know what we are doing, they see us…. Do they have jobs, or activities other than just watching things here?

enter site Thank you, Blair. I am presently witnessing my son die a slow, painful death. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Your words are a real comfort to me for I cannot pray for him to stay here when I know how much he has suffered. Thank you so very much for everything you do.. I sit on my late at night and I hear music playing. Some time is the harp playing ,some one singing opera.

12 Common SIGNS our Passed Loved Ones Send us

I check ed all the rooms to see if the tv is on. Hello Blair. At 30, feet you should be able to look out the window and may see an angel or two. I read every thing you send and have about everything you have in the way of books and other things. I really was upset when I read this information you sent. Item 3 really bothered me. I was in good hopes that Carolyn really missed me. I do everything you advise but no luck. I believe that Carolyn has been here twice, a light blinked and the smell of candles in her room.

We were married over 42 wonderful years and every one of them years was full of love. Our love was being together every single day.