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Community Answers. Hello, ericpenguin, No, this message is not real and is simply a hoax you should not trust. These Facebook scams have been floating around the social network for years now. Initially, these fake messages were most likely created as a prank targeting certain individuals. However, because users kept passing on the bogus alert, these hoaxes spread like a wildfire.

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In other cases, users may encounter fake claims about a spreading virus that can destroy their computers. Additionally, there are several fake promotions that claim too-good-to-be-true discounts and offers for popular items.

http://soilstones.com/wp-content/2020-04-27/4164.php To find out more about all types of scams and viruses you may encounter while using social media, please check the Facebook virus guide. Note: we suggest you always treat all unsolicited messages via social networks with suspicion; there are hundreds of scams that may target your personal information, banking details, or infect your device with malware. These people never received the text messages in the first place; the people who sent the messages had no idea that they had never been received, and they did nothing to attempt to resend them overnight.

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Countless people using all major mobile carriers and different types of phones received a text from someone in their contacts at an odd hour, completely devoid of context. I was employed to run messages for him in Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — searchable conversations that keep work organized and teams better connected. Used by millions of students, scientific researchers, professional translators and editors from all over the world! I have a message for you from Mr Johnston. Freeways Euromix. Is there more than 1 newMember in update.

Delayed messages were sent from and received by both iPhones and Android phones, and the messages seem to have been sent and received across all major carriers in the US. People using regional US carriers, carriers in Canada, and even Google Voice also seem to have experienced delays.

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At fault seems to be a system that multiple cell carriers use for messaging. A company named Syniverse, which provides networking services, later took blame for the messages being delayed. Syniverse said a single server was at fault: that server failed on February 14th, trapping messages waiting to be sent out; the server was only brought back online on November 7th. When that happened, all of the messages were finally delivered.

Syniverse initially published a note saying that , delayed messages were sent. Dozens and dozens of people have posted about receiving messages overnight.

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Most expressed confusion or spoke to the awkwardness of the situation, having been told by friends that they sent a mysterious early-morning text message. A few spoke to much more distressing repercussions of this error: one person said they received a message from an ex-boyfriend who had died; another received messages from a best friend who is now dead.

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Barbara Coll, who lives in California, said she received an old message from her sister saying that their mom was upbeat and doing well. She knew the message must have been sent before their mother died in June, but she said it was still shocking to receive. Another person said a text message that she sent in February was received at 5AM by someone who is now her ex-boyfriend.

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