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The End of Time Is Probably Not What You Think
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Are here. We have wars, rumors of war, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes in various places. Thing is, we have had all the signs since before it was written. They might as well have said "The sun shall rise. Further, the bible even contradicts it'self about signs. Sure, it says there shall be signs but it also says that we will not see the end coming, that it will come like a thief in the night.

Sure, some day, all life on this planet will end. It could happen today, or in billions of years when the sun reaches it's end. I would guess that humans will be gone long before then as we keep inventing new ways to destroy each other. I disagree that we are near the end of the world or end of times. This is because we have been having wars, natural disasters, and sicknesses for centuries for example take ancient Greece do you really think it was peaceful and there weren't any problems?

Of course not there were plenty of wars and disasters you can't take modern day disasters and assume the end is near because there is plenty of evidence this has been happening for hundreds and thousands of years. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll.

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Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Do you think we are near the end times? Asked by: OrangeTerrain. If something is coming soon then every passing moment is getting you closer to that soon. Report Post. Like Reply. Maximum words. Posted by: OrangeTerrain Report Post. Like Reply Challenge. Posted by: paulsilasmills Report Post.

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Posted by: mychburtronics Report Post. Posted by: VisitJW. There seems to me to be no reason to believe so. Well, the whole area is important.

On Hope (in a Time of Hopelessness)

It's not just something in antiquity. So the sense of a greater Israel and expansionism is really important to this community. Jerusalem is just central to that. It's viewed as a historical and biblical capital. How do people on the Israel side justify their alliance with fundamentalist Christians? There's something that these Christians have in common with religious Zionists in Israel. The founding generation in Israel was fairly secular.

Instead of fearing “End Times”, think with the angels

Their support for a Jewish state wasn't about biblical prophecy. It was about physical security.

David Ben-Gurion [the first prime minister of Israel] came up with an accommodation for the religious community so they would support the formation of Israel and the establishment of Israel, but his motivations weren't religious per se. But religious Jews were always unhappy that the founding generation wasn't really motivated by a religious understanding of the Jewish people in the world.

That's something that evangelicals in this country share. They support Israel for religious reasons, not secular reasons. Jewish people have their own theology of the end times. There is an understanding that the Messiah will come, but it won't be a second coming of the sort Christians believe in. But the state of Israel has welcomed the political support of evangelical Christians nevertheless. They even encourage Christians to visit Israel, to tour the holy sites. I'm less sure about that. I haven't seen poll data, and I haven't studied Arab Christians who are Israeli citizens to a great degree, but they tend not to be of the evangelical variety.


I think it depends, first, on how long this process takes. It could just fade away to the background.

Second, and this is really key, it depends upon whether or not the administration down the road is willing to say, "Okay, East Jerusalem can be controlled by Palestinian Arabs, and West Jerusalem will be controlled by Israel. So it depends upon whether they'll concede to divided control. Yes, I do.

Why are Christians so obsessed with the end times?

We all have our own values that are important to us — security, freedom, a conservative family, a liberal family, an open marriage. End the relationship so both of you can move on. Days have become dull, every attempt at excitement or some happiness-inducing activity is met with malaise or a general distaste for something that breaks you out of your routine. A relationship should be responsible and grown up as well as fun, so there should always be a balancing of both sides.

Being responsible and able to cut loose means you have the best of both worlds. However, it begins to negatively affect your relationship when you cannot channel your energies into being in a relationship with your current significant other, instead choosing to daydream about a life with someone else — or, more honestly, anyone else.

A Day To Remember - Mr. Highway's Thinking About The End

The most important point of being in a relationship is the idea of creating a future together, shaping and designing your life you are actively choosing to share with your significant other. Not just the idea of marriage, but the whole shindig.

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The physical act of marriage. Sure, you might have the memories and feelings you still do for this person — the weekend away, how you told him you loved him — but who he fundamentally is to you has drastically and perhaps irrevocably shifted and transformed. He is not the person you fell in love with, the person you shared a relationship with, and can you really continue a relationship on that?

Finding yourself lying next to a stranger who you used to call your one true love means you have to end the relationship, or spend years in regret and lying to him and yourself about what you really want. Often, the more you try to free your mind from these thoughts, the more persistent they become. For example: try not to think about a big pink elephant. Chances are the more you concentrate on not thinking about the elephant, the more your mind will actually focus on that image. The best way to free your mind from unwelcome or unwanted thoughts is to engage it with other thoughts or to remove or resolve the cause of the thoughts you are having.

Here are 31 ways that you can free your mind immediately:. Forgiving another person or yourself can help you to move on from the past and release yourself from negative emotions and thoughts. Meditation has been used for thousands of years to clear and free the mind. Doing this for as little as ten minutes can be enough to free your mind from persistent or annoying thoughts. Exercising focuses the body on its physical requirements and takes your attention off your mind. Exercise also releases endorphins and lowers cortisol, often bringing about a more positive and happier mood.

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Letting go of the past allows you to focus on the here and now, and also helps you choose more empowering thoughts. Being mindful is the practice of focusing the mind on everyday actions that you might normally do on autopilot. By practising mindfulness , the mind concentrates on the task at hand rather than thoughts and feelings you might prefer not to have.