How to take stunning underwater photos using inexpensive point and shoot cameras

30 Fantastic Examples of Underwater Photography
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Thus, this article will be devoted to one of such narrow photo spheres, which is underwater macro photography. Although this word-combination is totally familiar to every person, even professional photographers are not able to answer all questions concerning modern right underwater photography techniques and secrets to be used. So, what is it and why it has reached a high level of popularity? To know more about macro photos underwater see this video. Still, if you are interested in this kind of photography, then you need to consider some points and surely underwater photography tips beginners while choosing a camera.

To start you should look at the camera specification, as it is very important. A thing you should pay attention to is what the minimum distance between the camera and the selected model may be. Generally, it would be good for about cm, but every camera setting is quite unique and you should consult about topic with knowledgeable specialists. Best of all, of course, when there is a macro mode, as that will make our photo practice in underwater macro photography much simpler.

It is probably the most convenient option, but if not, then you should pay attention to several other programs that also may be of great using. Modes P,S,A and M will also capture interest from a very close distance giving you a possibility to shoot brilliant images. In particular, the recording program And aperture when automatically running flash and install the necessary diaphragm itself will set the desired shutter speed and you can take great macro shots. But still for this you need to know all useful tips for underwater photography and have lots of hand-on practice.

A prerequisite and an obligatory rule of photography from a very close distance without being in macro mode is a wide angle zoom lens, since a narrow angle may lose the ability to approach the necessary object as close as possible. Still a narrow-angle field of view lens is not terrible or trouble-making when the macro mode is used or with applied lens in at least 15 diopters.

When being engaged in underwater macro photography, you should have additional components without which shooting macro under water is not possible at all. In the starting stages, you can use the built-in flash on the box set and the special screen-lens, it will provide a smoothing of shadows. If shooting takes place at night or in very dark places, you will need a flashlight that also can be attached to the box. For getting really good, bright and not-blurred underwater photos, you need some time to work out and train your skills.

The undisputed fact is that in the water it is much more difficult to focus and catch the object, which is needed. The deepness of contrast is lost considerably. It is important to establish to the smallest aperture as far as possible, then you will be able to reach the greatest depth of field and necessary photo contrast, up to even 10 cm. You should also try to take a photo without focusing on one plane as that is believed to be a basement for all underwater photography tips.

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For example, if you want to catch a fish swimming near-by, the focus should not be established only on the eye directly, but alos on the nose. It is possible to focus somewhere between them to obtain the sharpness of one and the second simultaneously. Before trying the macro shooting under water, we recommend first learning how it is done in the air, in a surrounding that is familiar to you and only after starting taking macro pictures under tons of water.

One of the challenges will also be keeping the camera at the desired distance from the object in the water, so good photos may not be possible, at least during the first photo shootings. Many newcomers may be disappointed in case of not finding colorful shots in camera after such a tiring shooting under water. But the main thing is never to be in a hurry waiting for quick results, as the underwater world does not like fuss like people are fond of. You should look carefully into every fish swimming near-by, every lifeless stone or unusual shell and then, but very slowly, it is possible to find the most elegant and suitable frame.

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Remember that hurry is never useful and if something is really precious, satisfactory results will never come just from the first trying. Thus, do not get discouraged too quickly.

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Our team understands how difficult, tiring and demanding underwater shooting may be. That is not a usual surrounding for us and people are not able to access the beauty of world underwater just because we are not living here. Still, many photographers do of leave the idea of catching beautiful shots that will reveal at least some secrets of that hidden world. If you want to join their rows, then you will need to get through tons of literature in a desperate hope to find information about frequently used underwater photography techniques and beneficial underwater photography tips beginners.

But wait, do you really need to get down to all those books with numberless pages? What if we say, that internet and articles like this will be more useful for you. In this article our main aim was to process tons of information about this type of photography and organize a special set of rules for macro shooting under water. Tips that will turn you into a well-known professional. To understand every piece of advice that you will be presented with, once again it is necessary to realize what is macro shooting and what difficulties it ma bring.

So, macro is photo or video, in which the scale of the image is in the range from to and even more. This method is used when you need to take a photo from a closer distance than it is really necessary. In other simple words, the macro mode in camera increases the picture itself. Another feature of photography is that you can take photos of very close range, which can reach several centimeters.

With this method, you will need a special wide angle lens.

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Usually, modern cameras already have a button "macro" that allows you to do these extraordinary images, if not, just use the extra lens. For this kind of imagery cameras such as the Canon d may be quite beneficial. But still tastes differ and we do not have enough rights to advise you something and claim that this camera is the only suitable variant. Remember that the more the magnification, the worse the sharpness. That is a simple rule of macro shooting. When you are already confident in your skills, abilities and knowledge, you can immerse yourself under water in an unknown and intriguing world of colorful fish, alluring coral and other interesting underwater reptiles.

For beginners the best time to take pictures in the water is night or late evening. During this period fish is less mobile, and thus is easily perceptible. Use your imagination and then underwater macro will become truly memorable and exciting. But still creativity must come in combination with great underwater photography tips. What are they? Among aspiring photo amateurs there is a mistaken belief that the closer the camera is to the object, the larger it will turn out.

Let's understand whether and discuss whether it is true. It would seem that the macro mode of the first camera is totally better, because it shoots from a distance that is three times closer. However, it is not so! Do not get mistaken.

Having the luxury of shooting in rain, snow, high altitude, and underwater without worrying about camera damage is not only fun and addicting, but also allow you a shoot in unfamiliar environment every single time. Here are a set of 10 frequently asked questions for first-time underwater or waterproof digital camera buyers and my advice for each. A1 — A rugged, waterproof, underwater digital camera allows you to take pictures no matter where you are in whatever the condition. Think of all the fun and memorable images you can capture on the beach, or during a ski trip.

How about when you spent days climbing a mountain to reach that epic peak? Having a small, rugged, always-ready camera with you all the time is just priceless. Lastly, underwater cameras have thick, durable casing that not only protects the camera internals, but also makes underwater shooting easier because the cameras stay submerged during use. Setting the budget is obvious, oftentimes, a budget limit will remove quite a bit of products from your option list.

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A3 — Great! Generally, look for these critical specifications and features:. A4 — The ideal time to purchase an underwater camera in most countries is during spring, just before summer. Normally, new models come out just before summer and you can purchase the current model at a discount as manufacturers promote their newer usually just a minor update of the current model. Online has the advantage as their prices are updated in real-time and face greater competition and attention than physical stores therefore, greater discounts.

A5 — Now You take pictures! A6 — In many cases, this is true. Because of the protection required for the sensitive electronics and optics, these underwater digital cameras have to shoot through a layer of protective glass all the time. A7 — Just use your camera as you intended to use it! The bigger the sensor the more image fits into the frame. But don't let the name confuse you; cropped sensors are actually getting their name from being smaller than the full frame sensors explained in the full frame section below.

The Sony a, a, a, a are excellent cropped sensor mirrorless cameras, with great image quality and video capability. Image quality, dynamic range and focus speed is excellent. The cameras, lenses and housings are much smaller than a dSLR and less expensive. Read the full a review here. We are looking forward to getting this one underwater. Small overall size, Nikon's Z7 has proved to take the stage in the full frame mirrorless category. Although Sony is more popular, the image quality from Nikon is superior.

Canon EOS R probably has the best, fastest focus ability underwater, but not topside. The Sony A7r series are small, full-frame mirrorless cameras that can take exceptional images. Although Sony lens selection is a little limited, there are adapters to use high quality lenses from Nikon or Canon.

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A full-frame sensor, plenty of megapixels, a range of lens choices, a small size and professional video capability make the A7 line a popular choice. Battery life has much improved but don't expect it or the responsiveness to be at the level of a high-end dSLR. Nikon Z7 - Nikon's flagship full frame mirrorless camera. Read more about the EOS R here.

Option 1: Disposable Waterproof Camera

The rule is simple. When digital sensors became powerful enough to make mirrorless systems possible and reliable it ushered in a whole new era of travel photography. Cheap and simple Tough and rugged Longer zoom Better quality. Once upon a time, camera companies used to make specialist underwater cameras for divers to use. There is some technical jargon spread throughout this guide. Grab wide angle lenses so you can get as much as possible in the photo.

We had the opportunity to be the first to take it underwater with a prototype housing from Ikelite. Check out the details of shooting wide angle and macro close ups with the new A7r IV. Cropped sensor type cameras are great for advanced enthusiasts looking to step up the quality of their images.