Fire Over London: A Novel of the Adams Family Saga

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I've Submitted by Hailey not verified on December 4, - pm. I've seen the movie and read part of the book.

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I heard a story like that Submitted by Cesar pena not verified on November 1, - am. I heard a story like that before and it feels like I live one exactly how you wrote your story. After reading your description, I want to read this book desperately! The Merck Manual?

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Idk what this book is called Submitted by Chelsea not verified on November 6, - pm. Plz help ——- in middle school I read this book about a girl who is sent to I believe a mental asylum. Her dad is driving her in the beginning and she is attatched to a stuffed teddy bear.

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Just after tea…. A serial killer who was abused as a child and has to count to 10 when he kills his victims. Maria rated it really liked it Dec 06, Submitted by Hannah Gray not verified on November 24, - pm. Submitted by Adriana not verified on December 7, - pm. If so, erotic romance is the genre for you! Rory's mom, a social activist and lawyer, has been arrested and implicated in her daughter's "crimes" whereas her dad who betrayed his wife and daughter in a nasty divorce is cooperating with the authorities.

They arrive she is out in a wheel chair and wheeled away from her father. There was also a night time nurse that use to sing to them and secretly gave them things. Doctors were also sketchy I believe I forgot the name of this Submitted by Harshal Chavan not verified on November 13, - am.

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I forgot the name of this book. A school kid goes to camp organised by the school along with his classmates. He has a best friend. He bets with other people that he'll kiss a girl before the camp gets over. If he loses the bet he had to moon the camp site.

Fire Over London: A Novel of the Adams Family Saga

It was a funny novel with many series. Pls help me find it. I know that book Submitted by Bella not verified on November 13, - pm.

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Hello,I know that book. I read it a couple of years ago. I can definitely help you.

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Need to know the title of a book!! I am trying to figure out fhe title of a Christmas romance book that was a part of a christmas box set on Kindle. The girls name is Hollie or Holly and her bff wants her to get a boyfriend. So, when the bffs cousin is in town and needs a place to stay, she has Hollie take him in. He helps her renovate her house, which is a bungalow They are festive one scene and make paper snowflakes, drink hot cocoa, and then go outside in the snow to have fun I feel like the title was Deck the halls with boughs of Hollie or something.

Title Quest success! Submitted by Gwen Glazer on August 2, - pm.

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Marissa, we think your book might be Paradise by Joanna Nadin! Looking for this book Submitted by Megan Harris not verified on November 24, - am. A woman is interviewed about her family that had starred on a reality tv show when she was 8. The book leaves you questioning whether or not she was really possessed or if she was faking it the whole time.

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Great book! Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. It's called Tess of d Submitted by Catherine not verified on December 8, - pm. It's called Tess of d'urbevilles, by Thomas hardy.

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Buy Fire Over London: A Novel of the Adams Family Saga by Mary Jane Staples from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of. Fire Over London book. Read 3 reviews from the world's The war is only into its second year, but already it has claimed on (Adams Family Saga #13). by.

I am pretty, pretty, pretty sure. About Try it, and let me know. Find a book Submitted by Tony not verified on January 12, - pm. Looks like a Catherine Cookson plot. Book with no name Submitted by Lillian Boone not verified on January 26, - pm. I must read this book! A book I read in fourth grade Submitted by Rhiannon not verified on February 6, - am.

They were homeless or lost and were found and taken in by an American family. I remember the American family had a kid or two of their own, and she mentioned taking a shower and loving the soap that smelled like flowers. She also enjoyed living life with them, and discovered she loved milk. Then for some reason she was taken away, and reunited with her brother. I specifically remember her being sad that his smell was taking the flower smell from the soap off her skin.

Anyone have any idea what book this is? Find this book Submitted by Paul not verified on February 16, - pm. Tess of the D'ubervilles? Looking for a book of a girl who can tell if a person is dead or alive by looking at a photograph meets with a man who can find tgeor body teams up with a detective to solve a series of murders.

Wondering if you ever found out the series. I have thought about this series for years and cant remember it either. I don't know this book either but I'd like to read it too if someone knows the title and author.

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Hey I don't know if you've found the book yet and I hope you don't mind but I posted a screenshot of your comment in a Facebook group called what was that thing called? Cause the book sounds so interesting. You can join if you'd like and see if anyone has named the book. Not sure if anyone can help. My 2nd grade teacher read this book to my class this was in I really don't remember much about it other than it was about a few cat figurines with jeweled eyes that came to life. I know that isn't much to go on, but if anyone has any idea what book this is, please share! Would it be No Flying in the House? Huu Submitted by Sybil Berkley not verified on July 28, - pm.

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Looking for a book that is set back in the 's? It began with a girl and her brother, they are basically the only survivors in the town so they decide to leaves. Well, they stumble upon the gingerbread house where a witch lives and after a few months finds out she's a witch her self and tells her brother to run away from the house. She never see's him again and lives to ours ages to the 's I believe and helps her only friend through high school. The book is Emmeline, by Judith Rossner.

Celie is the main character, is married off to Mister and falls in love with Shug. A girl from present time follows her back in time and falls in love with the ghost older brother? I think it was her brother I think the ghost girls name starts with an M and the girl from present time comes back.