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Through play and humor he explores multifaceted notions of the self, autonomy, and gratification.

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Cobi was born in in Oakdale, CA. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Do You Remember?

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Based on expansive research in archives and his extensive conversations with the makers of house in Chicago's parks, clubs, museums, and dance studios, author Micah Salkind argues that the remediation and adaptation of house music by crossover communities in its first decade shaped the ways that Chicago producers, DJs, dancers, and promoters today re-remember and mobilize the genre as an archive of collectivity and congregation.

The book's engagement with musical, kinesthetic, and visual aspects of house music culture builds from a tradition of queer of color critique. As such, Do You Remember House?

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Ultimately, the book argues that even as house music culture has been appropriated and exploited, the music's porosity and flexibility have allowed it to remain what pioneering Chicago DJ Craig Cannon calls a 'musical Stonewall' for queers and people of color in the Windy City and around the world. Oral History Interviews Selected Discography. Micah E.

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September Lyrics: Do you remember the 21st night of September? / Love was changin' the minds of pretenders / While chasin' the clouds away / Our hearts. "Do You Remember?" is a single performed by Phil Collins released in from his album But Seriously. The song had minor success in European countries.

A DJ, sound designer, and curator of live performance, Salkind's writing on Afro-Diasporic cultural production and post-industrial cultural development complements his work towards establishing innovative models for sustaining community art institutions and art-makers. Just as importantly, through a wealth of first-person accounts, Salkind also reveals how house continues to resonate through this American city today.

An essential contribution to critical race and sexuality studies and the history of club music. Through years of ethnographic field work, dozens of oral history interviews, and meticulous archival research Salkind delivers a riveting story about how house music emerged, first as an underground creation and then as a commercially successful Chicago phenomenon that literally saved the lives of a generation of queer people of color.

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This book pays homage to house heads around the world. It was the first track that songwriter Allee Willis co-wrote for the band. And everybody knows: this song has a tendency to leave people smiling when they hear it.

Songwriter Allee Willis remembered first hearing the intro to the song when she walked in the studio. She told NPR :.

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It's still the protocol by which keyboards communicate with synthesizers and composition software. I think 'First Timer' follows that theme. Margot 1 episode, Mel Martin Agnes de Mille Kara Anne Gardner. Metacritic Reviews. Either way, it was one of the earliest examples of a plug-in that much of the public ran into -- even before Flash. Make sure you select the correct shipping location.

White came up with the melody for this song. The four chord progression for this song was the original musical element that the rest of the track was built around. White wrote the melody based on those chords, then recruited Alee Willis for lyrical assistance.

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Bass was played by Verdine White, brother of Maurice. According to songwriter Allee Willis, he initially just thought that the 21st was a number picked out of the air by Maurice White for sounding the best in the song. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.