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Read more. Photo Bruno Federico. Video — The Next Step. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Blood on the Coal Lyrics It was April 27th in the year of '91 About a mile below the surface And the warm Kentucky sun The late shift was ending And the early shift was late And the foreman ate his dinner From a dirty tin plate Blood on the tracks Blood in the mine Brothers and sisters What a terrible time Old 97 went in the wrong hole Now in mine number 60 There's blood on the coal Well, the slag pits were steamin' It was Every miner worked the coal face Every one of them alive The train came 'round the corner You could the trestle groan But the switcher wasn't listenin' So he left the switch alone Blood on the tracks Blood in the mine Brothers and sisters What a terrible time Old 97 went in the wrong hole Now in mine number 60 There's blood on the coal Well, the walls began to tremble And the men began to yell They could hear that lonesome whistle Like an echo out of More on Genius.

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Blood Coal

Human rights violations at the sites of fossil fuel extraction are often hidden. Since , almost 90% of coal burned at Moneypoint power station in County Clare in the west of Ireland has come from Colombia. Two-thirds of it was purchased from Cerrejón mine in Colombia’s. Told with compelling honesty and wry humour by the mineworkers themselves, Blood on the Coal is the story of the Queensland coalfields – one of the world's.

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Blood On the Coal

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