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I would recommend it to people who are into young adult and that like fantasy. I really enjoyed to learn about the different cultures and about the players. I also found the game quite interesting and still love the symbols and line Spoiler free Series review! I also found the game quite interesting and still love the symbols and line names. I love how some players came together and how some collided. I liked the mix of different cultures and loved to experience the different countries in these books.

Another thing I really liked was the writing style, it was pleasant to read and it contains beautiful images. The books contain short chapters and there is a lot off POV switch. Although overall I enjoyed all of them and I still have a special place in my heart for one couple and still a lot off hate for another. However I did became less invested in the series in the last two books.

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Probably because there are lesser characters to follow and I became a little older and had different interests in book genre. The second book was quite slow in my opinion and dragged at some points. But my real problems started in the last book. But most importantly I hated how endgame was concluded, itwas just too predictable and I hated it.

So besides an rushed, unsatisfying ending, I really liked this series. Rules of the Game I was really excited for this one to come out. The first book in this series made me into a reader, and I still thank James Frey for that. So I was so excited for December to finally arrive and this book coming out and for me running to the store and FINALLY buy the conclusion to one of my most anticipated books. But then my copy arrived and I was soooo disappointed by the hardcover edition and about the thinness of the book.

How can you conclude my favorite series in only pages!! Design 2,0 stars Ok let me tirade a little more about the appearance of this book! I especially love hardbacks because of their beautiful dust jackets and hidden art in the naked cover of the books. The previous books had the endgame symbol carved into the book with beautiful colors matching the dust jacket. I was so disappointed. The material of the hard back is also different! I had forgotten all about this super tense situation but I sunk right back in the book and needed to know how this book was concluded.

The writing style 4,0 stars But I can imagine that people have trouble reading these books. The chapters are super short and the pov switches like every other line. But I really enjoyed this, it kept it alive.

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One off the reasons that I loved the first two books so much is the writing style. I love how simple he writes action and how easy I could follow that too. It gets never vague or confusing and it was always pleasant to read.

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Ultimately, Galvatron and Unicron are defeated and while the Autobots celebrate, we pan out to see the decapitated head of Unicron orbiting the stars. Narrated by: Stephen Fry. Narrated by: John Humphrys. Led by 10 angelic Heralds and 10 orders of knights known as Radiants, mankind finally won or so the legends say. Those of us old enough to be around at the time have indelible memories of the impact Vizh made, as something genuinely out of the ordinary in super-heroics, and these two issues, his debut and induction into the Avengers, represent the work of Thomas and Buscema at their peak. This only happens on the first time transitioning into the zone. Sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, health and longevity.

I also really like that he can say things with so few words. The world building 2,0 stars I still really like the concept of endgame. I enjoyed that the story takes place all around the world. There are so many cultures woven into this book that collide or work together. I still love all the lines, the symbols on every chapter, their names and the diverse players. I think this whole endgame was designed super clever and believable.

But unfortunately there where a lot loose threads and unbelievable things that I would have liked to see different.

The Devil's Game l Halo 5 l

And I hated how he seems to be some sort of observer but later he gets to also acts and make situations have different outcomes. Besides some alien species that is also human and confusing. Besides having 7 fingers. Where do they life, do they have their own planet? What did they get out of it if endgame would be completed?

I mean yeah to make the strongest line survive and kill the rest of the civilization? But there never was an explanation why now? And dumping an huge asteroid on the earth kind of kills everyone, including the earth? I just really disliked the story about the whole world going down by this asteroid. Asteroids can be viewed from thousands of miles away and then alarms should have sounded.

Then earth had time to do something like shoot a rocket to destroy it. And since it takes so many days in this book to make the asteroid collide with earth I kept wondering why everyone just accepted their fate and did nothing but die. This book had a few things that were mentioned and that I was shocked about!

And then there never was paid attention to again, like it never happened or was never stated. I wanted explanations, at least a few lines could have been added to explain why? I feel like not a lot of things got the attention they deserved and that made the story quite sloppy and unrealistic. Why do the men still continued to go after the players and the monuments. What is their motivation?

Your leader is gone? There are also lines in this book about Wayland messing with the genetics of these men.

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That needed to be specified and explained more. And then towards the end the man just disappear and we never hear of them again? Another thing was that the players knew how to fly a plane, what, how? Plot 2,5 stars The pacing of this book was alright, sometimes a little too fast, but yeah if you only have about pages to conclude a trilogy that is necessary.

I would rather have a story pacing a little faster than too slow. Even though sometimes it was a little sudden that players showed up at a scene after being on the other side of the world a few pages ago not meaning the telepathy. It just never reached a climax, they kept being on the move and fighting and strategizing but there never was a point that I was like wauww we are getting somewhere.


It always had the same pacing and kind of the same events. Opening entry in the Launch story cycle; also available in a variety of e-book formats; dedicated webpage is here. Concludes "The Days of Disbelief", Book Two in the Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories trilogy; doubles as the prequel to the Launch story cycle; also available in a variety of e-book formats; dedicated website is here.

Book Three in the Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories trilogy; eventually meshes with the Launch story cycle; also available in a variety of e-book formats; dedicated webpage is here. Published in ; artwork from pH , pHz1 1 and pHz1 2 unpublished , of which more is here ; dedicated webpage is here. The for sure second, full length entry in the Launch story cycle, cover art by Ian Bateson; recounts, in four parts, the actual launch of the Cosmic Express and the immediate ramifications of its apparent destruction particularly on its launch site, the Outer Earth's Centauri Island; dedicated webpage is here.

Published in ; artwork from pH and pHz1 1 , dedicated webpage is here. Trilogy completed in ; Phantacea Mythos story cycle novelizing the Phantacea comic book series. The climactic, full length entry in the Launch story cycle, cover art by Ricardo Sandoval; the Dual Entities have been back in their own timeline for a few years now; they're trying to change things for the better; how often does that work out; dedicated webpage is here.

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Book Three: Endgames (The Devil's Strop 3) - Kindle edition by Jeff Patterson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Book Three: Endgames (The Devil's Strop 3) eBook: Jeff Patterson: Kindle Store.

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enter site The Plainedge superintendent, Edward A. Salina Jr.

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